Dienetics is a global provider of engineered die cut materials which are tailored to meet our customers’ applications.  Our products are used in a number of industries, including automotive, appliance, medical, office furniture and many others.

Dienetics partners with customers and suppliers to offer value-added, cost effective engineered solutions.   We conduct our business with the utmost honesty and integrity, and strive to be a supplier and customer of choice.

Dienetics is uniquely positioned as an agile provider of both die cutting and die making services. Translated, our vertical integration means rapid prototyping, design resolution, accelerated production and reduced time-to-market for you.

dienetics timeline

Dienetics occupies a 60,000 square foot facility located on 4 acres.  We currently employ a team of 25 professionals who collectively boast 326 years of die cutting experience.  A quarter of our employees have 22 years of industry experience or more.  

When you choose Dienetics for your engineered die cut product solutions, you’re selecting a trusted partner who is considered THE pioneer in die cutting technology.  With a deep passion for developing and delivering the highest quality, cost-effective products, Dienetics is your one and only choice for steel rule dies and engineered die cut products.

Quality Policy

Dienetics is committed to providing products that meet or exceed agreed upon customer requirements through the involvement of all employees and a policy of continual improvement.

Environmental Policy

It is our belief that environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with sound business practices. Therefore, Dienetics is committed to protecting and sustaining the environment by contributing to the preservation of the natural environment and continuing to improve in the following areas:

  • Compliance to environmental laws and requirements
  • Reduction of waste
  • Pollution prevention
  • The setting of goals and the achievement of our environmental objectives

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