As a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of engineered products for the automotive industry, Dienetics has partnered with top automotive companies since 1990.  Whether you need sound-deadening materials, reinforcement materials, or a solution for a new application, our automotive engineers are ready to provide you with an engineered solution to meet your needs.  Refer to our automotive diagram depicting common automotive applications developed by Dienetics.  

Dienetics’ engineered materials supplies solutions for both office furniture and stadium seating applications. Working with your technical team, we will design and develop the perfect solution for your furniture design issues.
Dienetics provides engineered materials to the medical industry in a myriad of ways, including
superabsorbent pads used in surgery, surgical gowns and protective vision devices. Dienetics’ engineers will work with your technical team to determine the perfect solution to your unique medical industry challenges.

Other industries we serve include:
  • Appliances
  • Military Defense
  • Recreational Vehicles - from campers to ATV’s,
  • Custom Packaging
  • Beverage Industry Cartons
  • Pipeline (oil and steam)

From project conception to delivery of your engineered parts, let Dienetics assist you with capabilities that go far beyond engineering.  Our efficient team provides the following streamlined processes:  
  • Sorting
  • Packaging
  • Light assembly
  • Hot melt gluing

Please refer to the full list of Materials that Dienetics works with, the types of Products we produce and the Markets that use Dienetics’ engineered products.

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