Expert die cutting solutions = success for your project

At Dienetics, our team of die cutting experts delivers the engineered solutions our clients need, for futuristic projects or those that require an immediate solution.  Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Die Cutting - Kiss Cut
Die Cutting - Cut Through

Our 50,000 square foot facility offers the following types of presses to assist
with your die cutting needs:

Flat presses
Stamping presses
Felt-fed presses


Dienetics’ approach to die cutting boasts numerous benefits:

Increased Savings
Flat bed tooling is cost effective for production and purchase.

Large Parts
Dienetics can cut materials up to 72” wide and up to 76” length.  

Extensive Materials
Dienetics can cut a variety of materials, including fiberboard, foam, foam tapes, film, adhesives and other specialty materials. We specialize in materials over a thickness of XXX,  requiring significant cutting force.

Streamlined Operation
Dienetics saves operational costs by adding punches to knockout slugs, eliminating secondary operations, resulting in a streamlined, more cost-effective approach.

Please refer to the full list of Materials that Dienetics works with, the types of Products we produce and the Markets that use Dienetics’ engineered products.



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